We will prepare an informal pre-proceedings volume with author-prepared versions of the papers. The pre-proceedings will be freely available online on the conference web page before the conference.


The deadline for the final version for pre-proceedings is 4 July 2016 (Monday).


Just prepare a nice PDF file that is easy to read, taking into account the reviewer comments. Please try to make sure that the introduction is easily accessible to the general SIROCCO audience.

There are no specific requirements regarding the layout or the length. For example, if you have a full ArXiv version of your paper, you can use that. If you use your submitted version, please include the appendix with full proofs.


Please email the final PDF file to with the following subject line:

replacing “Title of My Paper” with the title of your paper.

In the same email, please let us know if some information related to your paper at the SIROCCO programme page needs to be corrected (e.g., typos in the abstract).


The post-proceedings of SIROCCO 2016 will be published by Springer in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science series (LNCS) after the conference, in LNCS volume 9988.


The deadline for the final version for post-proceedings is 31 August 2016 (Wednesday).

Format: regular papers

You will need to format your paper using the Springer LNCS style. Please read the author instructions on the LNCS web page, download the latest style files, and format your paper carefully according to the instructions. Please do not modify the style files, and please do not use any Latex commands or packages that modify the layout, fonts, margins, line spacing, white space, etc.

The maximum length is 16 pages. This page limit includes everything (title, abstract, figures, bibliography, etc.). It is perfectly fine to have a paper that is shorter than 16 pages.

Format: invited talks

Please format the final version of your abstract in the Springer LNCS style. The length of the abstract should be 1–3 pages. These will not be considered full papers, but they will be included in the LNCS volume as a part of the front matter.

Copyright form

You will need to download the LNCS copyright form, fill it in, print it, sign it, scan it, and submit it electronically together with your paper. Please fill in the following information:

All other fields should be self-explanatory. We will need exactly 1 copyright form per paper; one author may sign it on behalf of all co-authors.


Please submit the final version of your paper via EasyChair at

Once you log in to EasyChair, you should find an option to log in as “proceedings author”. Then follow the instructions. You will be asked to submit:

EasyChair will guide you through the submission process, and it will also verify that your source code compiles fine.


Please email us at if you have any questions related to the post-proceedings.


Selected papers from SIROCCO 2016 have been invited to a special issue of the Theoretical Computer Science journal. We have already contacted the authors of the invited papers, and they will receive submission instructions by email. The submission deadline is 21 November 2016.